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Products shown on this website are representative of the products sold by Furniture Values International, LLC and may vary as to specific size, material, and finish.  Furniture Values International, LLC reserves the right to modify prices, dimensions, designs, materials, and finishes regarding these products anytime at its sole discretion.  The information contained on the site is updated by the Company from time to time and may not accurately reflect products currently being produced.

All furniture designs shown on this website are copyrighted by aspenhome™ and Furniture Values International, LLC and may not be recreated or reproduced.

Casters and skids are intended for manufacturing and shipping purposes only and must be removed from all furniture and all electronic components (if any) at installation.  This warning applies to all aspenhome™ products except cocktail tables, pop-up tables, some end tables and consoles.  These items have casters permanently attached to the furniture.




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