Style Story: Tamarind Bedroom

Tamarind Bedroom

Tamarind Bedroom highlights the wood's natural golden hues. Its size is perfect for a smaller master bedroom. Save money and floor space by using a storage footboard instead of an extra storage piece.

In January, we introduced Tamarind, a sophisticated look that’s as comfortable in the country as in the city. It’s a sleek, modern style with Eastern inspiration and a chutney finish. If you just bought your first home, you probably discovered pretty quickly that you need more furniture than you had in your apartment. Tamarind can help you furnish your new home without breaking the bank.

Liv360 Nightstand

Would this light up your bedroom?

Today’s first-time homeowners are also younger and more tech-savvy than their Baby Boomer parents. If that sounds familiar, Tamarind is thoughtfully designed to fit your needs. The Liv360 nightstand, for example, includes a felt-lined drawer with AC outlets for phone chargers. This lets you charge your smartphone without cluttering up the top of the nightstand with cords. The nightstand also has a three-level touch nightlight, so you can get up for a drink of water at night without stubbing your toe (or waking your partner).

Tamarind Bedroom is arriving in stores now, and Tamarind Dining will be there in time for the holidays. You can visit our website to find an aspenhome retailer in your area.

Tamarind is also ideal for downsizing or a vacation home. But if you don’t fit in one of those categories but like the look of Tamarind anyway, don’t worry! It’s sophisticated and versatile enough for you too. In our next post, we’ll look at three different locales where Tamarind Bedroom can be a great fit.

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