Fight urban exhaustion with Tamarind Bedroom

On Thursday, we showed you Tamarind Bedroom, an Eastern-inspired bedroom group that’s ideal for first-time homeowners, but also appeals to many other living situations.

But Tamarind’s versatility isn’t limited to what kind of home you have. It’s also a great fit in many different areas of the country. We saw a great blog recently about ways to handle “urban exhaustion.” If you’re feeling this way, refreshing your bedroom can be a great way to get out of the rut. Here’s a look at how Tamarind Bedroom can liven up homes in three distinct areas of the country:

BrooklynTamarind Bedroom

Tamarind’s fresh, modern styling is perfect for a loft apartment. For starters, it’s scaled to fit in smaller spaces, so you won’t feel overwhelmed when you walk into your bedroom. And the chutney finish supports the serene styling, a refreshing contrast to the busy New York City style.

This room pairs Tamarind with Asian-inspired decor and accessories, but if that’s not for you…



San Francisco

This room brings Tamarind’s open, airy style to the West Coast. The finish is a good match for a vibrant city like San Francisco. This photo shows the sleigh bed without the storage footboard, and the dresser instead of the chesser.

If you’re in a warmer locale than Brooklyn or San Francisco, don’t worry, we know how your sun sets:



South Beach (Coastal)

If the bedding doesn’t tell you we’re near the beach, the palm tree certainly will. Wouldn’t this room be perfect for a vacation home or guest house?

We’ve shown you three very different settings where Tamarind is the perfect inspiration, but these certainly aren’t the only ones. With the right accessories and a dash of creativity, you can use Tamarind to create a beautiful bedroom that’s uniquely yours. So long, urban exhaustion!

Tell us in the comments: How would you use Tamarind in your bedroom?

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