Storage Solutions: The Bathroom

Believe it or not, storage areas can be the most exciting part of a room. The key is making them more than just a place to put stuff. By making a storage piece a focal point or attraction, you can bring a fresh new mood and feel to any room of your home. The bathroom is a great example. The first entry in our Storage Style series addresses how to liven up a sometimes challenging room.

As you can see, bathroom storage doesn't need to be boring.

We often overlook buying furniture for the bathroom, since many have fixtures and cabinets built right in. If yours doesn’t — or even if it does — picture this Essentials cube. It’s 40″ wide and 36″ tall — small enough to fit in most bathrooms, but large enough to hold bath items, magazines, and toys, as shown here. The cube shown is in one of our newest finishes, Soy Bamboo; it’s also available in Black, Cherry, and Medium finishes.

The right accessories really make this piece stand out. Place soaps of different sizes, but in the same color family, in a clear vase. Regular bar soaps out of their wrappers work just as well as expensive decorative bars. Ours on the top shelf look nice and are convenient.

For more tips on making bathroom storage stylish, visit our Storage Style website and click on “Bathroom.” And if you’d like to find out where to buy this or another Essentials cube, use our handy tool to find an aspenhome dealer near you!

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