Essentials cubes: The choice is yours!

On Tuesday, we talked about how an Essentials cube bookcase can liven up the bathroom. All our Essentials products are assembled in the USA, which is part of what makes them a great value. They also come fully assembled, so you won’t be fastening them together with an Allen wrench for three hours. But the real key to Essentials is that they give you choices. Let’s look at three factors that make Essentials cubes a storage solution in almost any room.

Choice of size

The cube we showed you Tuesday was our smallest version, 40″ wide by 37″ tall with four cubbyholes. For more storage space, try a 49″ by 49″ cube (nine cubbyholes). You can also go taller — 40″ by 58″ (eight cubbyholes) or 40″ by 77″ (10 cubbyholes) — depending on what fits best in your room.

Choice of finish

Besides Soy Bamboo, Essentials Lifestyle cubes come in a sleek black, and a warm and relaxed cherry. If you’re thinking of using multiple cubes in a room, consider mixing and matching finishes to create a distinct, eclectic look.

Choice of look

We’re not afraid to say it: Essentials Lifestyle is no-frills, with straight lines and very simple styling. The advantage is that it makes the cubes a true chameleon. By adding a few accent pieces or accessories in your favorite colors, you can easily create a focal point that’s uniquely “you.” Think of the cube as the canvas on which you’re painting a picture for your guests. With a little imagination, you’ll be surprised at what you can do. For inspiration, check out this helpful video on styling bookcase shelves.

We’d love to see what you’ve done with our Essentials cubes. If you have one in your home, snap a photo and post it on our Facebook page.

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