Handle Chanukah with the Lincoln Park server

Recently, we talked about how the Cross Country server could make it easier to serve Thanksgiving dinner in a small space. But Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday where our servers can be helpful. Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at four major end-of-year holidays — Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s — and see how aspenhome’s servers can fit your holiday plans. Today: Chanukah, oh Chanukah (December 20-28)!

Light the menorah, spin the dreidel, and join the merriment of the Festival of Light. Friends and family gather each night to light another candle. Enjoy the children opening gifts, playing dreidel games and winning chocolate coins. Adults celebrate over glasses of wine while they indulge in the traditional doughnuts and apple fritters. Serve up grape juice for the kids and warm latkes.

The Lincoln Park server is a beautiful focal point for this special celebration. Ribbon mahogany veneers dance with the candlelight and set a festive mood for the whole room. How else does the Lincoln Park server dress up for this special occasion?

  • -A warming plate plugged into the hidden AC outlets on the server helps you keep appetizers hot.
  • -Deep drawers on the left and right have removable plate racks for those platters you’ll need.
  • -The center drawers hide a pullout shelf, handy for storing extra drinks or serving dishes.

To see the complete collection of Lincoln Park, go to www.aspenhome.net/catalog/. Next week, we’ll see how our Tamarind server can liven up a Christmas celebration.

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