Christmas brunch made easy with the Tamarind server

Here’s the second in our four-part series on how aspenhome’s servers can fit your holiday plans. Today: Christmas (December 25).

It’s Christmas morning — long after sugarplums danced in your head, and just before your real sugarplums roll out of bed charged with anticipation. You take a moment to thank yourself for having your wits enough about you, in this nonstop season, to set a lovely Christmas brunch on a server like this one from aspenhome’s Tamarind collection.

By keeping all the serving utensils handy in the center silverware drawer, you’ll leave space on top for food and beverages. After the Santa surprise frenzy dies down and the wrapping paper settles, family and friends can enjoy coffee and ham biscuits throughout the morning. Coffee stays hot and fresh plugged into the handy AC outlet on the left side of the server. Bite-sized quiche and easy herb roasted potatoes make for a hearty meal.

A Christmas mimosa adds just the right cheer, and it’s definitely your reward for a job well done.

To see other helpful items from the Tamarind collection, go to In our next blog, we’ll look at how Cambridge goes with a Kwanzaa celebration.

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